Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (2023)

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List of careers with the highest salaries and the reasons why they pay so much: 1. Surgeons / Doctors 2. Judges 3. Lawyers 4. Bank Managers 5. Chief Executive Officers 6. Chief Financial Officers 7. Orthodontists 8. College Professors 9. Pilots 10. Marketing Directors Best paying jobs in each domain Highest Paying Jobs in Finance and Accounting Highest Paying Jobs in Business Administration Highest Paying Jobs in Advertising Highest Paying Jobs in Architecture Highest Paying Jobs in Automotive / Car Industry Highest Paying Jobs in Aviation Highest Paying Jobs in Banking Highest Paying Jobs in Construction Highest Paying Jobs in Counseling Highest Paying Jobs in Customer Service Highest Paying Jobs in Education and Teaching Highest Paying Jobs in Energy Highest Paying Jobs in Engineering Highest Paying Jobs in Real Estate Highest Paying Jobs in Manufacturing Highest Paying Jobs in Fitness and Sports Highest Paying Jobs in Hospitality Highest Paying Jobs in Healthcare Highest Paying Jobs in Human Resources Highest Paying Jobs in Import and Export Highest Paying Jobs in Insurance Highest Paying Jobs in Information Technology Highest Paying Jobs in Law and Legal Services Highest Paying Jobs in Marketing Highest Paying Jobs in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Highest Paying Jobs in Public Relations Highest Paying Jobs in Procurement Highest Paying Jobs in Quality Control Highest Paying Jobs in Sales Highest Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Salary Comparison By City FAQs Videos

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (1)

In order to have diversity in the list and to make it as extensive as possible, we grouped similar jobs together. If we just displayed the highest salaries in descending order, then the list would have mostly consisted of top-level surgeons.

List of careers with the highest salaries and the reasons why they pay so much:

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  1. 1. Surgeons / Doctors

    Salary Range: from 4,220,000 CRC to 13,800,000 CRC

    Surgeons top the list of the highest paying careers due to the critical nature of their job. A surgeon's profession involves high risk and requires extensive knowledge and a long learning path; the necessary ingredients for a high paying career.

    • high risk job
    • extensive knowledge
    • high perceived value
    • revenue generator
  2. 2. Judges

    Salary Range: from 3,540,000 CRC to 11,600,000 CRC

    Judges earn quite high salaries because of the huge responsibilities associated with their job. Deciding people's fates is not an easy task and the high wage is perfectly justified.

    • high responsibility job
    • extensive knowledge
  3. 3. Lawyers

    Salary Range: from 2,870,000 CRC to 9,380,000 CRC

    The main reason that lawyers earn big wages is because of their high perceived value in the eyes of their clients. A successful lawyer can save/earn you tons of money or can possibly spare you a death sentence.

    • high perceived value
    • extensive knowledge
    • revenue generator
  4. 4. Bank Managers

    Salary Range: from 2,700,000 CRC to 8,830,000 CRC

    Being in charge of hundreds of millions in funds and investments with all the associated risks that come along makes managing a bank an extremely critical task worthy of a large salary.

    • high risk
    • high responsibility job
    • huge impact
  5. 5. Chief Executive Officers

    Salary Range: from 2,530,000 CRC to 8,270,000 CRC

    CEOs are primarily responsible for the success or failure of complete organizations. Their huge remuneration is due to the vast scope of impact as well as the risks involved.

    • widespread impact
    • leadership position
    • high risk
  6. 6. Chief Financial Officers

    Salary Range: from 2,360,000 CRC to 7,720,000 CRC

    Any job that is about managing money automatically qualifies for high pay. CFOs manage budgets, spending, costs, and revenue which directly impacts the operations of the organization.

    • high risk
    • extensive experience
    • high responsibility job
  7. 7. Orthodontists

    Salary Range: from 2,280,000 CRC to 7,450,000 CRC

    Orthodontists operate in an industry where people are willing to pay high costs for a service, which directly makes Orthodontists among the best paying jobs.

    • high cost industry
    • high level knowledge
    • high perceived value
    • revenue generator
  8. 8. College Professors

    Salary Range: from 2,020,000 CRC to 6,620,000 CRC

    College professors are among the top-earning and most prestigious careers. Becoming a professor is not easy and requires persistence which is partly why they earn so high.

    • high level knowledge
    • high perceived value
    • revenue generator
  9. 9. Pilots

    Salary Range: from 1,690,000 CRC to 5,520,000 CRC

    Probably the only career on the list that involves some kind of excitement, nevertheless; pilots undergo rigorous training programs and they are responsible for the safety of thousands of people every day.

    • high risk
    • extensive experience
  10. 10. Marketing Directors

    Salary Range: from 1,520,000 CRC to 4,960,000 CRC

    Marketing directors are in charge of increasing the revenue of their organizations. They are directly responsible for generating business and they are well paid for that reason.

    • revenue generator

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Best paying jobs in each domain

FinanceAdvertisingAviationArchitectureAutomotiveBankingConstructionCounselingCustomer ServiceEngineeringManagementManufacturingFitnessHospitalityHealthcareHuman ResourcesImport/ExportITInsuranceLegalMarketingEnergyPharmaceuticalPublic RelationsProcurementQuality ControlReal EstateSalesEducationTelecommunication

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (12)

Highest Paying Jobs in Finance and Accounting

  1. 1Finance Director(4,880,000 CRC)
  2. 2Financial Manager(4,640,000 CRC)
  3. 3Investment Advisor(4,430,000 CRC)
  4. 4Risk Management Director(3,970,000 CRC)
  5. 5Economist(3,860,000 CRC)
  6. 6Tax Director(3,830,000 CRC)
  7. 7Audit Director(3,790,000 CRC)
  8. 8Investment Fund Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  9. 9Accounting Manager(3,510,000 CRC)
  10. 10Auditing Manager(3,440,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (13)

Highest Paying Jobs in Business Administration

  1. 1Chief Executive Officer(5,270,000 CRC)
  2. 2Chairman of The Board(5,120,000 CRC)
  3. 3Chief Financial Officer(4,850,000 CRC)
  4. 4Regional Director(4,690,000 CRC)
  5. 5Executive Manager(4,270,000 CRC)
  6. 6Chief Corporate Officer(4,250,000 CRC)
  7. 7Managing Director(4,220,000 CRC)
  8. 8General Manager(4,100,000 CRC)
  9. 9Risk and Capital Manager(3,980,000 CRC)
  10. 10Chief Operating Officer(3,950,000 CRC)
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Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (14)

Highest Paying Jobs in Advertising

  1. 1Advertising Sales Director(4,040,000 CRC)
  2. 2Events Director(3,930,000 CRC)
  3. 3Advertising Manager(3,760,000 CRC)
  4. 4Product and Brand Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  5. 5Sales Promotion Manager(3,650,000 CRC)
  6. 6Media Production Manager(3,160,000 CRC)
  7. 7Media Sales Executive(3,020,000 CRC)
  8. 8Social Media Manager(2,990,000 CRC)
  9. 9Digital Media Strategist(2,880,000 CRC)
  10. 10Advertising Account Manager(2,810,000 CRC)
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Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (15)

Highest Paying Jobs in Architecture

  1. 1Architectural Manager(4,220,000 CRC)
  2. 2Architecture Consultant(4,040,000 CRC)
  3. 3Assistant Architectural Manager(3,970,000 CRC)
  4. 4Facilities and Project Manager(3,860,000 CRC)
  5. 5Design Manager(3,790,000 CRC)
  6. 6Landscape Architect(3,270,000 CRC)
  7. 7Architecture Estimating Manager(3,160,000 CRC)
  8. 8Architect(2,810,000 CRC)
  9. 9Architectural Designer(2,670,000 CRC)
  10. 10CAD Manager(2,630,000 CRC)
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Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (16)

Highest Paying Jobs in Automotive / Car Industry

  1. 1Regional Manager(4,570,000 CRC)
  2. 2Automotive General Manager(4,390,000 CRC)
  3. 3Automotive Branch Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  4. 4Automotive Purchase Manager(3,440,000 CRC)
  5. 5Purchasing Project Manager(3,270,000 CRC)
  6. 6Automotive Project Manager(3,130,000 CRC)
  7. 7Auto Parts Manager(2,990,000 CRC)
  8. 8Automotive Assembly Manager(2,740,000 CRC)
  9. 9Service Manager(2,630,000 CRC)
  10. 10Used Car Manager(2,350,000 CRC)
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Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (17)

Highest Paying Jobs in Aviation

  1. 1Aviation Manager(4,920,000 CRC)
  2. 2Airport Services Manager(4,850,000 CRC)
  3. 3Airlines Sales Director(4,740,000 CRC)
  4. 4Aviation Safety Manager(4,570,000 CRC)
  5. 5Chief Pilot(4,220,000 CRC)
  6. 6Aircraft Pilot(4,040,000 CRC)
  7. 7Fleet Controller(3,790,000 CRC)
  8. 8Airfield Management Specialist(3,620,000 CRC)
  9. 9Aviation Analyst(3,160,000 CRC)
  10. 10Aerospace Engineer(2,990,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (18)

Highest Paying Jobs in Banking

  1. 1International Banking Manager(5,270,000 CRC)
  2. 2Group Branch Manager(5,200,000 CRC)
  3. 3Bank Regional Manager(5,130,000 CRC)
  4. 4Bank Operations Head(5,020,000 CRC)
  5. 5Capital Risk Manager(4,880,000 CRC)
  6. 6Credit Portfolio Manager(4,810,000 CRC)
  7. 7Internal Bank Audit Manager(4,690,000 CRC)
  8. 8Cash Management Manager(4,510,000 CRC)
  9. 9Online Banking Manager(4,300,000 CRC)
  10. 10Mortgage Operations Manager(4,220,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (19)

Highest Paying Jobs in Construction

  1. 1Construction Manager(4,040,000 CRC)
  2. 2Construction Project Manager(3,860,000 CRC)
  3. 3Construction Operations Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  4. 4Site Leader(3,510,000 CRC)
  5. 5Building Contracts Manager(3,340,000 CRC)
  6. 6Tender Manager(3,200,000 CRC)
  7. 7Building Sales Manager(3,130,000 CRC)
  8. 8Construction Quality Control Manager(2,920,000 CRC)
  9. 9Purchasing Manager(2,630,000 CRC)
  10. 10Installation Manager(2,560,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (20)

Highest Paying Jobs in Counseling

  1. 1Psychologist(3,860,000 CRC)
  2. 2Director of Rehabilitation Services(3,690,000 CRC)
  3. 3Youth Development Manager(3,510,000 CRC)
  4. 4Guidance Director(3,440,000 CRC)
  5. 5Adoption Services Director(3,300,000 CRC)
  6. 6Mental Health Counselor(3,160,000 CRC)
  7. 7Supervising Counselor(3,020,000 CRC)
  8. 8Family Support Specialist(2,990,000 CRC)
  9. 9Youth Care Counselor(2,950,000 CRC)
  10. 10Employment Counselor(2,810,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (21)

Highest Paying Jobs in Customer Service

  1. 1Customer Service Manager(3,160,000 CRC)
  2. 2Service Delivery Manager(3,090,000 CRC)
  3. 3Regional Account Manager(2,990,000 CRC)
  4. 4Customer Success Manager(2,880,000 CRC)
  5. 5Call Center Manager(2,810,000 CRC)
  6. 6Client Relationship Executive(2,740,000 CRC)
  7. 7Operations Support Manager(2,630,000 CRC)
  8. 8Customer Service Executive(2,110,000 CRC)
  9. 9Customer Service Team Leader(1,970,000 CRC)
  10. 10Customer Service Advisor(1,930,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (22)

Highest Paying Jobs in Education and Teaching

  1. 1College Dean(4,570,000 CRC)
  2. 2Dean of Faculty(4,300,000 CRC)
  3. 3Professor(4,220,000 CRC)
  4. 4Lecturer(3,340,000 CRC)
  5. 5Head of School(3,220,000 CRC)
  6. 6Post Doctoral Researcher(3,070,000 CRC)
  7. 7Educational Psychologist(3,040,000 CRC)
  8. 8Academic Manager(2,940,000 CRC)
  9. 9Clinical School Psychologist(2,870,000 CRC)
  10. 10Principal(2,810,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (23)

Highest Paying Jobs in Energy

  1. 1Operations Manager(4,920,000 CRC)
  2. 2Geophysicist(3,930,000 CRC)
  3. 3Engineering Geologist(3,860,000 CRC)
  4. 4Exploration Manager(3,760,000 CRC)
  5. 5Energy Dispatch Director(3,710,000 CRC)
  6. 6Geothermal Production Manager(3,620,000 CRC)
  7. 7Mining Project Manager(3,570,000 CRC)
  8. 8Service Delivery Manager(3,440,000 CRC)
  9. 9Sustainability Specialist(3,340,000 CRC)
  10. 10Energy Advisor(3,160,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (24)

Highest Paying Jobs in Engineering

  1. 1Director of Engineering(4,220,000 CRC)
  2. 2Engineering Production Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  3. 3Field Engineering Manager(3,510,000 CRC)
  4. 4Electrical Engineering Manager(3,160,000 CRC)
  5. 5Engineering Key Account Manager(3,090,000 CRC)
  6. 6Engineering Project Manager(2,920,000 CRC)
  7. 7Mechanical Engineering Manager(2,810,000 CRC)
  8. 8Engineering Sales Manager(2,740,000 CRC)
  9. 9Engineering Consultant(2,630,000 CRC)
  10. 10Chief Engineer(2,580,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (25)

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Highest Paying Jobs in Real Estate

  1. 1Portfolio Manager(4,570,000 CRC)
  2. 2Director of Real Estate(4,390,000 CRC)
  3. 3Shopping Center Manager(4,220,000 CRC)
  4. 4Town Planner(4,130,000 CRC)
  5. 5Property Operations Manager(4,090,000 CRC)
  6. 6Real Estate General Manager(4,040,000 CRC)
  7. 7Commercial Leasing Manager(3,990,000 CRC)
  8. 8Community Development Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  9. 9Real Estate Project Manager(3,510,000 CRC)
  10. 10Property Manager(2,930,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (26)

Highest Paying Jobs in Manufacturing

  1. 1Production Director(4,040,000 CRC)
  2. 2Director of Manufacturing(3,930,000 CRC)
  3. 3Industrial Production Manager(3,790,000 CRC)
  4. 4Operational Excellence General Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  5. 5Technology Development Manager(3,620,000 CRC)
  6. 6Manufacturing Manager(3,510,000 CRC)
  7. 7Plant Manager(3,440,000 CRC)
  8. 8Product Manager(3,340,000 CRC)
  9. 9Shipping Manager(3,270,000 CRC)
  10. 10Key Account Manager(3,160,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (27)

Highest Paying Jobs in Fitness and Sports

  1. 1Sports Manager(3,780,000 CRC)
  2. 2Fitness Manager(3,510,000 CRC)
  3. 3Head Coach(3,340,000 CRC)
  4. 4Head Gymnastics Instructor(2,280,000 CRC)
  5. 5Ski Instructor(1,970,000 CRC)
  6. 6Assistant Coach(1,930,000 CRC)
  7. 7Swim Instructor(1,860,000 CRC)
  8. 8Personal Trainer(1,790,000 CRC)
  9. 9Game Manager(1,720,000 CRC)
  10. 10Fitness Trainer(1,650,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (28)

Highest Paying Jobs in Hospitality

  1. 1Hospitality Director(4,390,000 CRC)
  2. 2Hotel Manager(4,220,000 CRC)
  3. 3Fleet Manager(3,620,000 CRC)
  4. 4Cluster Director(3,510,000 CRC)
  5. 5Regional Restaurant Manager(3,340,000 CRC)
  6. 6Assistant Hospitality Manager(3,200,000 CRC)
  7. 7Hotel Sales Manager(3,160,000 CRC)
  8. 8Food Service Manager(3,020,000 CRC)
  9. 9Restaurant Manager(2,850,000 CRC)
  10. 10Room Reservations Manager(2,810,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (29)

Highest Paying Jobs in Healthcare

  1. 1Surgeon - Heart Transplant(10,500,000 CRC)
  2. 2Chief of Surgery(10,200,000 CRC)
  3. 3Surgeon - Orthopedic(9,840,000 CRC)
  4. 4Surgeon - Plastic Reconstructive(9,490,000 CRC)
  5. 5Invasive Cardiologist(9,370,000 CRC)
  6. 6Surgeon - Neurology(9,080,000 CRC)
  7. 7Surgeon - Pediatric(8,200,000 CRC)
  8. 8Urologist(7,800,000 CRC)
  9. 9Internist(7,320,000 CRC)
  10. 10Chief of Psychology(6,970,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (30)

Highest Paying Jobs in Human Resources

  1. 1Chief People Officer(3,860,000 CRC)
  2. 2Director of Talent Acquisition(3,690,000 CRC)
  3. 3Human Resources Vice President(3,620,000 CRC)
  4. 4Human Resources Manager(3,510,000 CRC)
  5. 5Recruiting Manager(3,440,000 CRC)
  6. 6Human Resources Development Manager(3,340,000 CRC)
  7. 7Benefits Manager(3,060,000 CRC)
  8. 8Labor Relations Director(2,930,000 CRC)
  9. 9Human Resources Consultant(2,850,000 CRC)
  10. 10Training Executive(2,810,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (31)

Highest Paying Jobs in Import and Export

  1. 1Import and Export Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  2. 2Exports Sales Manager(3,620,000 CRC)
  3. 3Export Logistics Manager(3,230,000 CRC)
  4. 4Import and Export Consultant(2,930,000 CRC)
  5. 5Importation Supervisor(2,460,000 CRC)
  6. 6Export Logistics Specialist(2,180,000 CRC)
  7. 7Export Supervisor(2,110,000 CRC)
  8. 8Logistics Analyst(1,950,000 CRC)
  9. 9Logistics Administrator(1,860,000 CRC)
  10. 10Global Forwarding Agent(1,690,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (32)

Highest Paying Jobs in Insurance

  1. 1Risk Management Director(4,570,000 CRC)
  2. 2Risk Modeling Manager(4,390,000 CRC)
  3. 3Insurance Manager(4,220,000 CRC)
  4. 4Insurance Sales Director(3,860,000 CRC)
  5. 5Policy Change Director(3,690,000 CRC)
  6. 6Auditing Insurance Manager(3,510,000 CRC)
  7. 7Loss Prevention Manager(3,440,000 CRC)
  8. 8Claims Manager(3,340,000 CRC)
  9. 9Actuary(3,160,000 CRC)
  10. 10Insurance Program Manager(3,090,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (33)

Highest Paying Jobs in Information Technology

  1. 1Chief Information Officer(3,860,000 CRC)
  2. 2Online Banking Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  3. 3Information Technology Project Manager(3,510,000 CRC)
  4. 4Enterprise Infrastructure Manager(3,410,000 CRC)
  5. 5Director of Application Development(3,340,000 CRC)
  6. 6Chief Information Security Officer(3,270,000 CRC)
  7. 7Web Security Manager(3,230,000 CRC)
  8. 8Business Intelligence Consultant(3,200,000 CRC)
  9. 9Technical Project Manager(3,130,000 CRC)
  10. 10Information Technology Sales Manager(3,090,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (34)

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Highest Paying Jobs in Law and Legal Services

  1. 1Supreme Court Judge(7,030,000 CRC)
  2. 2Administrative Law Judge(6,320,000 CRC)
  3. 3Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer(5,970,000 CRC)
  4. 4General Counsel(5,620,000 CRC)
  5. 5Litigation Attorney(5,270,000 CRC)
  6. 6Legal Services Director(5,090,000 CRC)
  7. 7Judge Advocate(4,920,000 CRC)
  8. 8Attorney(4,570,000 CRC)
  9. 9Legal Executive(4,220,000 CRC)
  10. 10Corporate Counsel(3,340,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (35)

Highest Paying Jobs in Marketing

  1. 1Brand Director(4,390,000 CRC)
  2. 2Chief Marketing Officer(4,220,000 CRC)
  3. 3Brand Manager(4,040,000 CRC)
  4. 4Marketing Manager(3,860,000 CRC)
  5. 5Chief Product Officer(3,790,000 CRC)
  6. 6Search Marketing Strategist(3,440,000 CRC)
  7. 7Market Development Manager(3,340,000 CRC)
  8. 8Product Manager(3,270,000 CRC)
  9. 9Digital Marketing Manager(3,220,000 CRC)
  10. 10Trade Marketing Executive(3,160,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (36)

Highest Paying Jobs in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

  1. 1Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead(5,620,000 CRC)
  2. 2Pharmaceutical Manager(5,270,000 CRC)
  3. 3Molecular and Cellular Biologist(4,990,000 CRC)
  4. 4Medical Affairs Director(4,740,000 CRC)
  5. 5Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager(4,710,000 CRC)
  6. 6Bioinformatics Scientist(4,570,000 CRC)
  7. 7Pharmaceutical Research Scientist(4,510,000 CRC)
  8. 8Pharmaceutical Sales Manager(4,390,000 CRC)
  9. 9Clinical Research Manager(4,320,000 CRC)
  10. 10Pharmacy Manager(4,220,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (37)

Highest Paying Jobs in Public Relations

  1. 1Head of Public Relations(3,950,000 CRC)
  2. 2Public Relations Manager(3,510,000 CRC)
  3. 3Director of Communications(3,370,000 CRC)
  4. 4Head of Communications(3,280,000 CRC)
  5. 5Marketing Communications Executive(3,190,000 CRC)
  6. 6Public Relations Executive(3,090,000 CRC)
  7. 7Media Relations Specialist(2,920,000 CRC)
  8. 8Communications Project Manager(2,810,000 CRC)
  9. 9Investor Relations Officer(2,460,000 CRC)
  10. 10Government Relations Officer(2,200,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (38)

Highest Paying Jobs in Procurement

  1. 1Supply Chain Director(4,390,000 CRC)
  2. 2Procurement Manager(4,220,000 CRC)
  3. 3Distribution Manager(4,040,000 CRC)
  4. 4Warehouse Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  5. 5Vendor Manager(3,340,000 CRC)
  6. 6Wholesale Buyer(3,160,000 CRC)
  7. 7Supply Chain Analyst(2,990,000 CRC)
  8. 8Purchasing Supervisor(2,810,000 CRC)
  9. 9Inventory Control Manager(2,740,000 CRC)
  10. 10Demand Planning Manager(2,630,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (39)

Highest Paying Jobs in Quality Control

  1. 1Quality Director(3,860,000 CRC)
  2. 2Quality Control Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  3. 3Quality Assurance Executive(3,510,000 CRC)
  4. 4Six Sigma Black Belt(3,040,000 CRC)
  5. 5Product Quality Leader(2,780,000 CRC)
  6. 6Approval Team Manager(2,750,000 CRC)
  7. 7Quality Assurance Supervisor(2,660,000 CRC)
  8. 8Quality Trainer(2,610,000 CRC)
  9. 9Assistant Quality Manager(2,530,000 CRC)
  10. 10Quality Control Analyst(2,410,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (40)

Highest Paying Jobs in Sales

  1. 1Wholesale Manager(5,090,000 CRC)
  2. 2National Sales Manager(4,920,000 CRC)
  3. 3Sales Director(4,570,000 CRC)
  4. 4Sales Executive(4,220,000 CRC)
  5. 5Sales Manager(4,040,000 CRC)
  6. 6National Account Manager(3,690,000 CRC)
  7. 7Head of Direct Sales(3,510,000 CRC)
  8. 8Head of Retail(3,440,000 CRC)
  9. 9Corporate Sales Manager(3,340,000 CRC)
  10. 10Relationship Manager(3,250,000 CRC)

Best Paying Jobs in Costa Rica 2023 (41)

Highest Paying Jobs in Telecommunications

  1. 1Telecommunications Manager(3,860,000 CRC)
  2. 2Sales Director(3,690,000 CRC)
  3. 3Chief Technology Officer(3,510,000 CRC)
  4. 4Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager(2,930,000 CRC)
  5. 5Telecommunication Solution Architect(2,780,000 CRC)
  6. 6Telecommunication Consultant(2,710,000 CRC)
  7. 7Telecommunication Project Manager(2,630,000 CRC)
  8. 8Telecommunications Analyst(2,610,000 CRC)
  9. 9Telecommunication Technical Manager(2,580,000 CRC)
  10. 10Access Operation Team Leader(2,490,000 CRC)

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
San Jose2,510,000 CRC

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Best Paying Jobs


What job pays the most in Costa Rica? ›

The best paid positions in Costa Rica
  • Country Manager/Director Top Management. 3,104,670 CRC.
  • Chief Executive Officer Top Management. 2,803,370 CRC.
  • 2,327,930 CRC.
  • 2,310,980 CRC.
  • 1,916,710 CRC.
  • 1,825,910 CRC.
  • Production Director Top Management. 1,799,750 CRC.
  • 1,786,710 CRC.

What jobs are in high demand in Costa Rica? ›

The communications and transport sectors are expected to create the most jobs in the near future, followed by agriculture and construction. Education is highly valued in Costa Rica ─ you will do better if you have a university education or the proper training.

How can I make money living in Costa Rica? ›

How to Generate an Income in Costa Rica
  1. Tourism. The tourism industry, especially during the high season (Dec-March), is a massive market in Costa Rica for the number of tourists it pulls each all year round. ...
  2. Online Work. ...
  3. Teaching. ...
  4. Investing.
Oct 27, 2022

Can an American get a job in Costa Rica? ›

To legally work in Costa Rica, you must be a citizen or a legal permanent resident. If you do not fit into one of those categories, you will need a work visa. However, obtaining a work visa in Costa Rica is not an easy process. Visitors may stay in the country for only 90 days at a time.

What is the average rent in Costa Rica? ›

Average Rent in Costa Rica

If you are a single expat, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for as low as 249,000-283,000 CRC (440-500 USD) per month. If you would like something more lavish, a large three-bedroom house will run around 735,700-1,018,700 CRC (1,300-1,800 USD) per month.

What is the basic salary in Costa Rica? ›

The gross salary range for people working in Costa Rica is typically from 4,459,380 CRC (minimum salary) to 17,971,572 CRC (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses.

What is a good salary in Costa Rica? ›

Average Local Salary

A middle-class salary in Costa Rica averages USD $750. In smaller cities, a monthly income is roughly $450 (which just above the country's minimum age).

What American companies are in Costa Rica? ›

Solid Reputation. Costa Rica is home to many world-renowned multinational companies and a wide range of Fortune 100 companies, including: Amazon, IBM, Procter and Gamble, Intel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and others. To explore more, download our infographic “Why Doing Business with Costa Rica Makes Sense”.

How many hours per week do Costa Ricans work? ›

The legal workweek in Costa Rica is 48 hours, divided into six 8-hour days. Employees are entitled to one day of rest per week, typically Sunday. Overtime is any work that exceeds 48 hours a week or 8 hours a day.

Are there a lot of job opportunities in Costa Rica? ›

The Costa Rica job market is strong with a relatively steady 8% unemployment rate. However, this rate largely applies to residents of the country. If you want to know how to find a job in Costa Rica, you should be aware that it is difficult.

How long can a US citizen live in Costa Rica? ›

US passport must be valid for a minimum of one day from the day you enter Costa Rica. As a tourist US nationals cannot stay more than 90 days. For a stay longer than 90 days a residence permit must be established.

Do US citizens pay income tax in Costa Rica? ›

Income taxes on individuals in Costa Rica are levied on local income irrespective of nationality and resident status. For individuals domiciled in Costa Rica, any income obtained within the boundaries of Costa Rica is considered as Costa Rican-source income and is taxable.

Can I collect Social Security and live in Costa Rica? ›

If you are a U.S. citizen, you may receive your Social Security payments outside the U.S. as long as you are eligible for them.

How can an American make money in Costa Rica? ›

Other than the aforementioned illegally obtained job, there are essentially three ways you can make money living in Costa Rica: obtain permanent residency and get a job, find online employment, or start your own business.

Is healthcare free in Costa Rica? ›

Costa Rica does have free public healthcare, but only for Costa Rican citizens who are most financially in need. This means that residents with a job and expats will have to pay for use of the public healthcare system (expats must provide proof of sufficient financial means in order to live in Costa Rica).

What are the top 3 industries in Costa Rica? ›

Economy of Costa Rica
Labor force2,392,432 (2019) 54.4% employment rate (2018)
Unemployment8.2% (2016)
Main industriesmedical equipment, food processing, textiles and clothing, construction materials, fertilizer, plastic products
Ease-of-doing-business rank74th (easy, 2020)
34 more rows

Can you live on 2000 a month in Costa Rica? ›

Regardless of where you settle down, the overall cost of living is relatively low when compared to the United States and much of Europe. Most single expats in Costa Rica can live comfortably on USD$1,500 to $2,000 per month. A family of four may be able to live comfortably on USD$3,000 to $3500.


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